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Supervisors Association of Ireland promoting Cross-Professional Supervision

‘Learning with, from and about each other as professionals’

SAI is an inclusive interdisciplinary, international learning group which promotes cross-professional supervision, a self-governing professional organisation for supervisors which upholds a Code of Ethics and standards amongst its members

SAI seeks to develop high standards of practice amongst its members who are supervisors and trainers of supervisors

Respond to ongoing developmental needs and research within the area of supervisory practice through support, networking, CPD workshops, conferences, research and publications.

Raise public awareness of the benefits of supervision

Promote Cross-Professional Supervision and Research.

As we  develop and cultivate cross professional supervision we look forward to hearing your voice as members. Thank you for your continual support and interest in SAI, Supervision Association of Ireland.
Supervisors Association of Ireland (SAI) is a learning community which seeks to promote cross professional supervision.

The term “cross professional supervision” is copyright© Geraldine Holton 2004-2014 and is used with permission