About SAI

Supervisors Association of Ireland  promoting Cross-Professional Supervision

    ‘Learning with from and about each other as professionals’

SAI is:

  • an inclusive interdisciplinary,  international learning group which promotes cross-professional supervision
  • a self-governing professional     organisation for supervisors which upholds a Code of Ethics and standards amongst its    members

SAI seeks to

  • Develop high standards of     practice amongst its members who are supervisors and trainers of supervisors
  • Respond to ongoing developmental needs and research within the area of supervisory practice through support, networking, CPD workshops, conferences,  research and  publications.
  • Raise public awareness of the  benefits of supervision
  • Promote Cross-Professional Supervision and Research.

What is Supervision?

‘Supervision provides a safe  confidential learning space where all aspects of the self,  physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual can be explored and developed to enhance client care, professional practice and organisational change.  Geraldine Holton

A Bridge Across Professions

 Supervision  – An Emerging Profession

Supervision has evolved from its historical meaning of overseeing and line management to a more collaborative process between supervisee, supervisor and the organisation. Within the helping professions supervision has a uni–professional history as a field of practice within each profession where each discipline developed its own  supervision tradition and literature. While this practice is commonplace in most clinical and counselling contexts it is not that regular for  those working in other helping relationships such as adult education, pastoral care, police, spiritual guidance, or carers.  In response to this emerging need and to promote a culture that values supervision within such     areas the practice of cross– professional supervision  has developed.

What is Cross-Professional Supervision?

Cross-Professional Supervision, a term coined by Geraldine Holton involves working across professions, across      disciplines and across modalities. Within this approach supervision is accepted as a profession in its own right with a unique set of skills, tasks and    competencies. The role of the supervisor is facilitator of learning, change and transformation to enhance client care,  practitioner personal, professional      development and organisational change. Being a supervisor does not mean imposing my vision or perspective on a supervisee but facilitating the development of their clinical wisdom and experience in the best interest of the client.

What are the benefits of Supervision ?

  • Potential for growth and transformational learning
  • Develop clinical wisdom and skills through reflective practice
  • Identify learning challenges and goals

Uncover blind spots and work creatively with blocks, and limitations that may   impact  practice and well being

SAI who are we

SAI was founded by a  representative group of trained  supervisors who met in June 2005 in response to a felt need to  establish an association for Supervisory Practice across many professions.

Links with Europe

SAI has forged links with ANSE the  Association of National Supervisors in Europe and is a full member since 2007 giving Ireland a voice in Europe. Through membership of ANSE , SAI seeks to support collaboration, research, mobility and exchange within Europe.

CPD and Events

SAI hosts two events each year including Conferences, CPD Workshops and    Master classes

‘At its simplest, supervision is a forum where supervisees review and reflect on their work in order to do it better.’  Michael Carroll

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