Supervisors Association Of Ireland’s Story

A representative group of supervisor’s met on the 14th of June 2005 in St. Stephens UCD in response to a felt need to establish an association for Supervisory Practice across many professions.

In response to emerging developmental needs and research the association hopes to:


  1. Promote an inclusive, adult educational model of supervisory practice across contexts.
  2. Establish a self-governing professional organisation, which promotes a Code of Ethics and Standards amongst its members Regulate/Develop high standards of practice amongst its members who are supervisors/ trainers.
  3. Respond to ongoing developmental needs and research within the area of Supervisory practice through support, networking, workshops, conferences and publications.
  4. Establish clear criteria for membership and Supervisory Training Programmes.
  5. Views supervision as an educational process which seeks to transform and empower supervisees /supervisors and their praxis.

Since the launch in May 2006 with Dr Margaret Benefiel and Dr Vincent Maloney the association has been developing and growing.

One of the most exciting developments in the SAI calendar for 2007/8 was the acceptance of SAI as a full member of ANSE. This was passed unanimously by the delegates at the 11th General assembly in Vienna November 10th, 2007.

Delegates from Austria, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovenia and Switzerland were present. SAI look forward to developing their links within Europe.